A new TAP interface for the TF5000PVR was developed.

  • TAP-API Documentation (26.600 byte)
  • Sample-TAPs and API (3.651.725 byte)
  • Compiler environment:
  • I recently got some mails concering the compiler environment.

    I notice that you distribute the gcc compiler for TAP on your website without distributing the corresponding source code, as required by the GPL. Recently, Topfield have withdrawn this material from distribution due to the infringement of the GPL.
    I thought I'd contact you first to inform you of the infringement and give you the opportunity to fix this problem by either:
    a) Making the complete source code, including any modifications, available as required by the GPL.
    b) Ceasing the distribution of the gcc for TAP compiler.
    Please see http://www.fsf.org/licensing and http://gpl-violations.org for further information and FAQs on the subject.
    Looking forward to a speedy resolution.

    Since I don't have any access to the compiler sources I have to remove the GCC_FOR_TAP environment.
    So there is no longer any official or inofficial possibility for users who want to program TAPs to get the compiler environment.

Some Maniac did some work to compile DOOM as a TAP for the TF5000PVR. So give it a try and enjoy it ;)

Doom1.wad is the data file.
If you want to play doom2, you have to download doom2.wad which is available in some internet site such as http://www.pdanara.com/pdanara_ephone_pds/Doom2.wad

Supported data files by DOOM.tap

  • doom1.wad - shareware
  • doom.wad - doom I
  • doom2.wad - doom II
  • doomu.wad - retail version
  • tnt.wad - mission pack

If doom1.wad and doom2.wad are in the same directory, the doom.tap will use the upper version (doom2.wad). If you want to play other wad files such as doomu.wad, you have to rename it to doom2.wad.)

Key definitions
FAV , SUBTpan left/right
Teletextuse / open door
1~9weapon select
Play, FFZoom +/-
Guide keyRun (It works for 10 seconds or toggles if you press guide key again)

© 2003 Andreas Bock