Topfield Bugs TF5000PVR


Number Bug/Wish Short description Posting date Posted by Details State Able to retrace? Able to fix? Will be fixed in... Comment
#0001 Bug Name of reservation forgotten by EPG programming 05.09.2003 Gerti The name that is set by programming a recording by EPG is always forgotten when the recording is executed, so only the service name is set as file name. Only by entering the delayed-recordings menu, selecting the programming, enter the name menu and press save (without changing anything) the name can be stored. Can this be changed so that the filename is kept by default? closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0002 Wish Consistent file names 05.09.2003 Helmuth When the recordings are organized in folders, a new recording of a series gets a name that is already present, so it has to be renamed before moving it into the target folder. Can either target folders be set in the recording menu, or the number for the name extension be checked against all files in all folders? closed Yes No   If it is modified as you want, the other problem can be occurred.
#0003 Bug Altair: Overwrites files without warning 05.09.2003 The Horse Altair overwrites files with another file that has the same name. Could a message box asking if this is intended be implemented? closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0004 Bug Sound dropouts 04.09.2003 Palmi The problem with sound dropouts is better than in the previous version, but now a audio/video-asynchronity was introduced, and some dropouts still remain. closed Yes Yes Next release in Feb. It needs more time.
#0005 Bug Wrong file crashes receiver 06.09.2003 Rosenbush It seems that in the firmware from 20.08.2003 an illegal file in the recordings-directory crashes the receiver. This was reported as well for a TAP application as for a firmware file. closed No     We can not retrace it.
#0006 Wish Tuner selection by EPG reservation 04.09.2003 Gerti When programming a delayed recording by EPG, and that time is already blocked by another recording on the same tuner, would it be possible to manually or automatically select the other tuner from the EPG menu? closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0007 Bug Timeshift while recording starts 01.09.2003 Chappell If TimeShift is active when a delayed recording starts, the timeshift is ended and the buffer cleared, even if the delayed recording uses the other timer. Often the delayed recording is broken afterwards (bar ""service is scrambled…"" appears). BTW: in the german manual on P63 is written that timeshift is not possible during a recording. That is wrong, because while the recording is running, timeshift is possible again. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0008 Bug PIP does not change channel number display 06.09.2003 Harvey If PIP is used, and the service is changed using PIP, the channel number of the display does not get updated, even if PIP is ended. Only by forcing another display (e.g. EPG or MENU) the functionality can be restored. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0009 Wish Change Tuner for delayed recording 06.09.2003 Harvey Would it be possible to change the tuner for a previously programmed delayed recording in the delayed recording menu? closed Yes No   It conficts with PVR's structure.
#0010 Bug Scrambled recording crashes receiver 08.09.2003 Anthea When trying to copy a partially scrambled recording where the CI doesn't have the appropriate key any more the receiver didn't respond any more or only very slow after that scrambled part was tried to descramble. Once only shutting down the receiver (several tries needed) resumed the problem, once no playback was possible any more till shutdown. closed No     We can not retrace it.
#0011 Bug Lines on screen if HDD is off 07.09.2003   If the HDD is turned off, fast moving lines appear on the screen, so resulting in a flickering picture. closed Yes Yes   Fixed.
#0012 Wish File rename menu 03.09.2003 Helmuth Would it be possible to enhance the file name menu? E.g. to have an ""insert mode"" additionally to the current ""overwrite mode""? That the name window scrolls to the right if the name is too long for the window and the right border is hit by the cursor? To ""shortcut"" the Del/Space/characterset buttons by numbers on the RCU? pending Yes Yes   We will modify it. After testing it in our lab, it will be release.
#0013 Bug Reservation uses wrong service 25.08.2003 Grimby If an event is marked as reservation only (without recording), the receiver switches to the wrong service. E.g if service 003 is marked, the receiver switches to service 008, always one number higher than the reserved one. closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. If it is retraced, we will fix it.
#0014 Bug Automatic formatting of HDD 26.08.2003 Salzstange Would it be possible to implement a message box asking if the HDD should be formatted or not when the receiver starts up and sees a ""unformatted"" HDD? It seems that sometimes the receiver doesn't detect the HDD correctly and so formats a nearly full HDD. Or that when the receiver is shut down during a recording due to some problem or main power fault, that illegal data is written to the HDD and so a formatting is triggered. closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. If it is retraced, we will fix it.
#0015 Bug picture moving up/down 26.08.2003 Palmi Some user report a picture that is moving fast up/down, especially seen in the menu. All users have some 100Hz-TV. For most users it can be reduced by disabling the ""image enhancement"" features of the TV. Some users have a TF4000PVR, too, and without those problems. pending No     We bought a 100Hz-TV, but, we can not find any prblem. We will try to find it on another TV.
#0016 Bug HDD noise before shutting HDD down 06.09.2003 Pickwick When the HDD is shutting down, either if TimeShift is inactive or MP3s are played, for about one minute a highpitched sound can be heard. Can this be somehow avoided? closed No     Some noise when the HDD is shutting down can not be avoided due tho the mechanism of HDD. If loud noise is heard, it is a problem of only the specific set.
#0017 Wish Get time after main power fault 03.09.2003 Anthea Would it be possible that the receiver fetches the time from a service after a main power fault? Because as it is now, after a power shortage no time is set, and so no delayed recording is executed. closed Yes No   It if impossible to fix it.
#0018 Wish Reduce timesetting services 03.09.2003 Anthea Would it be possible to reduce the services available for setting the system time to either a specific service or transponder? Because several services deliver wrong times (e.g. local time instead of GMT), and so after using one such service the system time is set to a wrong value and the delayed recording wouldn't work correctly. pending   Considering..   We have to change the structure to modify it. So, it is very difficult.
#0019 Wish Firmware update by OTA 27.08.2003 InsideTV When is OTA for the TF5000PVR available? It seems that the current software is still not on air over Astra. closed       The OTA is avaible after a few days of beta test.
#0020 Wish Altair: Retry during download 03.09.2003 Anthea It seems that Altair stops the file transfer as soon as one transfer error occurs. Would it be possible to enhance either the DLL or Altair that some retries for these data packages are possible? closed       Fixed
#0021 Wish Altair: Illegal filenames 07.09.2003 The Horse If illegal characters (as far as windows is concerned) occur in a filename, such as |, :, ?, or an for the file menu invisible leading ""block"", the files are transfered by Altair, but not saved. Would it be possible to replace these characters by another, e.g. _ ? closed Yes No   It depend on the Windows of the PC. If the windows does not support the font, it will be shown as ?.
#0022 Bug Timeshift index images out of sync with stream 08.09.2003 Anthea It seems that the preview images used by TimeShift are often out of sync with the video stream. If I stop scrolling at a specific picture, that picture in the video stream is already several seconds back. closed Yes     We save the preview images by 10 seconds interval. So, it can be moved maximum 5 second from the point you stopped.
#0023 Bug Size of MP3 files 30.08.2003 DerRoland It seems that the TF5000PVR reserves 16MB for TAPs and MP3 files, and MP3 files are loaded completely into memory before playing them. So no MP3 file bigger than the remaining part of the 16MBs can be played. closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. We are trying to fix it with NEC. (The main chip maker.)
#0024 Wish USB driver for Apple MacIntosh 02.08.2003 Hardtrancer Repeatedly users of Macintosh computers ask if there will be a USB driver for that plattform available. closed Yes No   We have no plan to support it yet.
#0025 Bug Duplicate name for delayed recording 09.09.2003 Gerti When the name for a delayed recording is set while manually programming the recording to the name that is already present, the receiver gives a warning that this name is already used and may not be used for this recording. Anyway, after saving the reservation, the recording name can be changed to the one that was intended, so now two delayed recordings with the same name exist. And the automatic numbering works correctly, so the first warning could be removed. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0026 Bug Different services/satellites on both tuners 09.09.2003 alocacoc If each tuner is connected to a different set of received satellites, the handling of the setting list gets rather complicated. If the settings are somehow copied to the other tuner there is no way to get the lists separated without deleting everything and re-searching the services, because deleting one service always deletes it's copy, too. And in the setting editor VEGA there is no way to see or edit the tuner that is connected to a service. closed Yes Yes   Fixed by Vega
#0027 Bug Subtitle text not deleted 09.09.2003 dvb-fan If an active subtitle is not deactivated by the RCU, the last text remains on the screen if the service is changed. closed Yes Yes   Fiexd
#0028 Bug Same delayed recording event for both tuners 09.09.2003 Taiga If the same event is programmed for delayed recording for both tuners, the receiver blocks the programming of the second entry with a message that this event already exists. But both tuners should be programmable independant, so even recording the same event twice should be possible. closed Yes It is not a bug.   It is not a bug. We prohibited it intentionally to prevent other problems.
#0029 Wish HDTV with TF5000PVR? 09.09.2003 rosenbush On Astra 1H, Transponder 88, Frequency 12168MHz vertical, a test for HDTV transmission is started (video in 1920x1088 resoution with 24000kbps ). The TF5000PVR can record those transmissions, and after transfering them to the PC they can be watched, but not on the receiver itself. Will it be possible to watch those transmissions with the TF5000PVR, or is that impossible due to the hardware? closed Yes No   It is impossible to support it.
#0030 Bug Receiver hangs 10.09.2003 Palmi With the firmware from august 2003, there seems to be a bug introduced that causes the receiver to hang suddenly (picture & sound just stops), and that can only be solved by rebooting the receiver. I had 2 such problems yesterday, one while zapping in the EPG, the other when jumping from one MultiFeed portal to another. closed Yes Yes   Fixed. But, the hang up is rare before it was fixed. So, we have to get the feedback after release the new firmware.
#0031 Bug Multifeed portal doesn't work 09.09.2003 The Horse It seems that the MultiFeed portal of Premiere Erotik on Astra was changed so that now no audio channel is available. Since that change the MultiFeed sign is shown in the portal, but the menu doesn't appear. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0032 Bug USALS stops working 10.09.2003 Palmi After some time in use the USALS just stops working, the dish isn't turned at all or to wrong positions. Only a factory reset and re-scan of all satellites solves that problem. The TF4000PVR works on the same motor (STAB) without problems. closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. It seems to the Position was set by wrong data by the user.
#0033 Bug Time in progress bar not updated in recording 10.09.2003 parpar If in an active recording the scrollbar is used to scroll back, then the yellow button is used to jump forward, the time in the scrollbar doesn't get updated any more. Only deactivating and reactivating the scrollbar solves that problem. closed No      
#0034 Bug Skipped repeating timers 11.09.2003 Anthea It seems that there is still a problem with repeating timers. Sometimes they are just skipped and the next event date is corrected, sometimes even the time for the next event is miscalculated. Some users reported that weekly events were increased by one month instead of one week. pending       Trying to fix it.
#0035 Bug Encrypted beginning of recording 11.09.2003 Anthea Most of the time the beginning of recordings from encrypted services with delayed recording isn't decrypted because the CI takes some time to adjust to the new stream. This could be avoided by changing to the new service some seconds before starting the recording. For those faulty recordings, for playback the beginning must be skipped by using the progress bar, else the playback doesn't start (stays at 0:00) pending No     Trying to find and fix it.
#0036 Bug Sequential recordings skipped 17.09.2003 uherby If two recordings are programmed for the same tuner where one starts at the same moment where the other ends, regardless of the service (same or other) the second event isn't recorded. closed Yes Yes   Trying to find and fix it.
#0037 Bug Disk full but not full? 17.09.2003 Judy Some users report that their HDD isn't full, but the receiver behaves as if it was full. E.G one user with a 200GB disk where the receiver reports 62GB free, but no recording can be started unless something is deleted, and the receiver stops recording as soon as the same fill level is reached again. Another one has the same problems with the original 80GB HDD and 64GB in use. closed Yes Yes   We modified and fixed it. But, the problem is rare before it was fixed. So, we have to get the feedback after release the new firmware. (The large HDD problem will be fixed at next firmware.)
#0038 Bug Recordings destroyed 15.09.2003 Harvey The files that are recorded and already viewed once without problems get corrupted later. Parts are suddenly missing and the filesize decreases, or parts are marked as scrambled even though they were recorded from a free TV service. I once reported a similar problem in June closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. We modified and fixed it. But, the problem is rare before it was fixed. So, we have to get the feedback after release the new firmware.
#0039 Bug Playback doesn't start 22.09.2003 Gerti When starting a playback where the beginning is encrypted, the receiver just stops the playback at the very beginning. Only showing the progress bar and skipping some seconds resolves that problem closed Yes No   It the problem of CAM.
#0040 Bug Recording starts during playback 22.09.2003 Gerti If a recording is running, and the playback of another file is started, and then a second recording is started, the playback suddenly shows the message that the current service cannot be decrypted. Only stopping the playback solves that problem, but when the second recording is shown it can be seen that the recording stopped at the moment where the stop-button was pressed, even though the recording status was active over the complete preprogrammed time. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0041 Bug Navigation in playback restarts playback 22.09.2003 Gerti If the playback position is changed either with << or >> in the progress bar, or with the yellow button, the playback position is sometimes reset to the start of the file. closed No      
#0042 Bug Wrong favorite selection 22.09.2003 gogosch If the favorite submenu is shown, always the first entry is preselected, even if another favorite item is currently active closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0043 Bug Extended information in file is missing 22.09.2003 gogosch Very often the extended information from the Current Event is missing in the file. That could probably be cured as well asthe Bug #0035 by changing to the recorded channel some seconds before starting the recording closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0044 Wish ATA66 possible? 22.09.2003 gogosch Could it be possible to activate the ATA66 interface of the controller instead of ATA33, because several HDDs show wrong information if ATA33 is used pending   No   We are trying to it. But, I can not confirm it can be supported.
#0045 Wish Speed up USB? 22.09.2003 gogosch Would it be possible to speed up the USB2.0 transfer data rate? closed Yes No    
#0046 Wish Bookmarks on changes of CurrentEvent? 22.09.2003 Gerti Could a bookmark be automatically set while recording if the information in the Current Event changes? pending       We have to check it more.
#0047 Bug Speed of 6x playback 22.09.2003 gogosch The speed of the 6x playback seems to be only 4.6x closed Yes No   Yes, you are right.
#0048 Bug Big HDDs are not used completely 22.09.2003 Judy It seems that big HDDs are not used completely. The user Judy tested it with a 200GB HDD: - Drive was completely formatted (194.470 MB free) - Several recordings with various length recorded (74.664 MB free) - One recording with 5 hours recorded (58.788 MB free). Afterwards no new recording was possible unless other recordings were deleted, but only the freed space was used, not the rest that should have been available. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0049 Wish Tuner selection ""Any"" for recording 22.09.2003 user4711 An option ""Any"" instead of Tuner1 / Tuner2 in the recording menu that automatically takes the currently unused tuner might solve some problems with programming recordings closed Yes No   It is very difficult to make it. It make a conflict to other function.
#0050 Bug Bookmarks in folders 22.09.2003 tsero Bookmarks for files in subfolders cannot be set or removed. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0051 Bug Sound in mono if progressbar is used 22.09.2003 Garfield_PB If the progressbar is used to change the position in a file, for several services the sound is suddenly in MONO. Changing the setting from stereo to mono and back to stereo solves this problem. closed Yes Yes Next release in Feb.  
#0052 Bug Defect recording during Timeshift and PIP 20.09.2003 TheViper If playback of a stored file is running, and PIP is used to watch some service, and then a recording starts, the resulting recording is completely broken (no picture/sound) closed Yes Yes   Fixed.
#0053 Bug No Timeshift after MP3 28.09.2003 gogosch After playing some MP3 file(s), the receiver goes back into the TV mode. But Timeshift isn't started until the active service is changed manually. closed Yes   Next release in Dec.  
#0054 Wish Position of playback bar 29.09.2003 Mr.Eder Could the offset of the playback bar from the top of the picture use the same adjustment as the info box uses from the bottom of the picture? Because in 16:9 TV sets that automatically zoom in if a 16:9 movie is received in a 4:3 format, the top of the playback bar can't be seen, and so bookmark points are invisible. closed Yes Yes   Fixed. If the info box position in system setting is changed, the position of the info box and the progressive bar is changed all together.
#0055 Wish Duration till HDD powerdown 14.10.2003 CouchPotato When the Receiver is in playback mode and ""pause"" is activated, the HDD spins down after a very short time. Can the time be set to a longer time (e.g. 30 minutes) or even be made user adjustable? The time till HDD powerdown in the normal mode without timeshift should stay short. closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. It is set to 2.5 minutes now. It will be increased to 10 minutes.
#0056 Bug Timezone GMT+13 / GMT + 14 16.10.2003 kiwi In New Zealand recently daylight saving time (DST) was introduced. They start with GMT+12, so with DST it would be GMT+13, so that time and date are correct. The Topfield receivers only offer a range from GMT-12 to GMT+12, so for NZ now either date or time is incorrect. And the state Tongatapu even has GMT+13 as standard time. closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec.  
#0057 Wish Dailight Saving Time 16.10.2003 Axel Could an option for dailight saving time be introduced into the topfield receivers for the automatic time setting? closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. I think it is good idea. It will be adopted at next software.
#0058 Bug Recording saved to currently open folder 19.10.2003 Marc Winter If a folder is selected as active either by using Altair or by playing MP3-files (especially as playlist) and a delayed recording starts, this recording is saved into that folder, so it might be any MP3-folder or even the Program Files folder. That recording can only be ""saved"" by transfering it to the PC and sending it to the correct folder again by using Altair. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0059 Bug 2 recordings block playlist 19.10.2003 Marc Winter If two recordings are running, the playlist function is not available, even though single playback is possible. pending No     Trying to find and fix it.
#0060 Wish Jump back button in playback 17.10.2003 parpar Could the timeshift-function of the blue button (jump back 10 seconds) be used for the playback mode, too? closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. I think it is good idea. It will be adopted at next software.
#0061 Wish Direct acces to recordings 22.10.2003 Nobbi As it was already once discussed for the TF4000PVR, would it be possible to add a direct access key for the delayed recordings list? pending Yes     We can not find aproper key to assign to the function.
#0062 Wish Time for showing progress bar 23.10.2003 Hiker When trying to cut a file, the progress bar often vanishes immediatly before I try to start the cut. Would it be possible to increase the time till the bar is autmatically hidden? closed Yes Yes Next release in Dec. I think it is good idea. It will be adopted at next software.
#0063 Bug No HDD with firmware from 23.10.2003 and later 24.10.2003 roadrunner1405 With the firmware from October 23rd up to February 3rd, the receiver doesn't find the HDD any more for some users, and it won't switch of by other means than disconnecting power. pending No     I think it is very serious problem. I decided not to start OTA because of this problem. Would you send me more informations?
#0064 Bug No decryption while recording unscrambled service 24.10.2003   With the firmware from October 23rd, while recording an unscrambled service, and starting to record a scrambled service, either by real recording or by having timeshift active, the CI won't descramble anything. As soon as the recording of the free service is stopped everything works again. closed Yes Yes   Fixed
#0065 Bug Delayed recording timers got worse 24.10.2003 Rosenbusch With the firmware from October 23rd, it seems that more delayed recordings are lost than previously pending       Studying
#0066 Bug Delayed recordings and midnight 24.10.2003 Anthea It seems to me that when the receiver is running during either local midnight or GMT midnight, and the clock gets re-synchronized, that then the delayed recordings get skipped. Could it be that the receiver gets the date change twice due to automatic time setting, so that by this the delayed recordings are removed from the list or set to the next date (when repeating)? pending       Studying
#0067 Bug USALS turns dish wrong 24.10.2003 Palmi Several users report that after some time working correctly, the TF5000PVR starts to turn the dish to wrong positions. Sometimes the offset must be corrected every few days because the dish suddenly turns some degrees off the correct position. After that it works again till the offset is suddenly wrong, again. Sometimes the motor starts to turn the dish to 0-Position instead of the desired satellite. pending No     Trying to find and fix it.
#0068 Bug Wrong preset entries in recording menu 04.10.2003 Garfield_PB If two things are recorded and the recording-menu is opened, as recording number ""2"" is shown, but the entries of recording 1 are in the other fields. To edit recording 2, you have to change to recording 1 and then back to recording 2. new        
#0069 Bug Moving current played file 04.10.2003 Garfield_PB If I try to move the file that is currently played into another folder, the receiver shows the message closed yes yes Next release in Dec.  
#0070 Wish Remember file position 04.10.2003 Garfield_PB Would it be possible to remember the last used file position even if playback is stopped? Often this file is deleted, renamed, moved, or played again (or the next in the list) after stopping the playback, so it would be nice to keep the postion when the file list is shown next time new        
#0071 Bug too short file pointer in TAP API 03.11.2003 Eve The file pointers used in the TAP API are too short if a file is bigger than 4GB. Perhaps a 64bit-word could be used in those functions instead of 32bit-words (or better: new functions with 64bit to keep backward compatibility) new        
#0072 Bug Check your Smart Card on FTA from Cryptoworks CI 16.12.2003 Anthea The Cryptoworks CI shows a message ""Please check your smart card"" every time a service is changed, even if it is a FTA-Service closed Yes Yes   It wil be fixed in next release.
#0073 Bug 4.xSE won't work 16.12.2003 Anthea The IRDETO 4.x CI doesn't work any more closed Yes Yes    
#0074 Bug Audio failure when scrolling 16.12.2003 Anthea When scrolling in a recording from Premiere where there is more than one audio stream present, the audio is sometimes silent. closed Yes Yes Next release in Feb.  
#0075 Bug Audio asynchronous 16.12.2003 Anthea On some services like Pro7 or Sat.1 there is a audio/video asynchronity in the live stream that grows over the time, I have seen it as well with the MPEG as with the DD stream. closed Yes Yes Next release in Feb.  
#0076 Bug Audio dropouts 16.12.2003 Anthea Some users still report audio dropouts in the live stream, the recorded streem seems to be OK. closed Yes Yes Next release in Feb.  
#0077 Bug Wrong audio 16.12.2003 Anthea Some users report that when the service is changed, for a short time an audio stream from neither the original nor from the target service can be heard. As far as I see it this is when the target transponder has streams with the same stream IDs as the ori pending       We are studying.
#0078 Bug Additional audio stream not recorded 16.12.2003 Anthea If an additional audio stream is added after a recording is started (on premiere often: trailer in stereo-MPEG only, film in stereo-MPEG, orginal soundtrack stereo-MPEG, and DD 5.1), the new streams appear in the audio selection box, but are not recorded. pending Yes     It need a lot of time. We understand the situation. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
#0079 Bug Recordings in Mono after scrolling 16.12.2003 Anthea The Mono-bug with MPEG-Stereo-Streams is still present, if a recorded file is played and the scrollbar is used to jump in the recording, the sound is suddenly in mono. Only by activating the audio menu and changing from stereo to mono and then back to ste closed Yes Yes Next release in Feb. It is retraced and fixed. It will be released in next revision.
#0080 Bug 16:9 not reset 16.12.2003 Anthea The WSS signal for 16:9-events isn't reset afterwards, so every 4:3-event viewed after a 16:9 event is ""squeezed"" to 16:9 if the format switch is done by the TV set. This can be solved by activating the PIP with a 4:3 service and then switching the views, closed Yes Yes Next release in Feb. It is retraced and fixed. It will be released in next revision.
#0081 Bug Special characters missing 16.12.2003 Anthea The receiver now drops the special characters from the german character set. If that is done to get ""windows-conform"" names it doesn't work, because things like "":"" are still in the names (and at least in germany the german special characters make no prob closed Yes Yes Next release in Feb. It is retraced and fixed. It will be released in next revision.
#0082 Bug Wrong encryption mark 16.12.2003 Anthea If the second tuner records something from an encryted service and the first tuner is used to watch something from a FTA service, the recording is marked as encrypted even though it seems to be completely decrypted. pending Yes     It is very diffcult to fixed.
#0083 Bug DiSEqC 1.0 ""OFF"" won't work 16.12.2003 Anthea The setting ""OFF"" for DiSEqC 1.0 doesn't work, the last DiSEqC-command keeps beeing sended out. closed Yes No   I think it is not a bug. We intentionally make it like that.
#0084 Bug EPG and recording 16.12.2003 Anthea If the EPG is active while a recording starts on a different service, the EPG stops getting new data till the receiver is switched off. pending       Does the ""switch off"" mean stand-by? I think the bug is fixed in DEC 5th firmware? Does the firmware have the bug yet?
#0085 Bug Timeshift and recording 16.12.2003 Anthea After a recording the timeshift doesn't work until the service is changed. pending       Does the ""switch off"" mean stand-by? I think the bug is fixed in DEC 5th firmware? Does the firmware have the bug yet?
#0086 Bug Multiple Reservations 16.12.2003 Anthea There are several problems with the ""reservation"" (without recording) function: - A reservation done by EPG doesn't show up in the reservations-list. - Several reservations for the same start time can be done, even from different transponders pending Yes     The icom ""P"" means play only. And, if the PVR is turned off it will not work. I decided to modify it to work even if the PVR is turned off.
#0087 Bug Reservations and EPG 16.12.2003 Anthea - If the EPG is active, reservations are not executed. - When the receiver changes the service due to a reservation, the services that can be reached by P+/P- are those that were besides the service that was active before the reservation. E.g. if service 5 is running, and a reservation for service 20 gets active, P+ changes to service 6 instead of service 21. pending       We are studying.
#0088 Bug EPG slowing down 16.12.2003 Anthea The EPG seems to get slower the longer the receiver is running. closed Yes No   It is not a bug. To deal a lot of EPG information it get slower.
#0089 Bug Wrong recording title 16.12.2003 Anthea If an event is marked in the EPG for recording and then the mark is removed again, and afterwards the service is changed and the recording menu (for current event recording) is entered, the event title is still set to the one from the previous service tha pending Yes     We are studying.
#0090 Bug Wrong time broadcasted 16.12.2003 Anthea The restriction of services/transponders that are allowed to set the system time gets more important because there are now some services (as NBC-Giga on hotbird) that send out a wrong time (5 to 45 minutes off the correct time), and that results in missed pending Yes     The missing of recording is due to the wrong time of some service. We are trying to find to remove the service from upgrading time.
#0091 Bug Slow synchronisation in encrypted services 09.02.2004 TheHorse In services encrypted in Viaccess (e g. SF1/SF2 (Hotbird 12399H, SID 901 / 907, VID 160 / 163, AID 80 / 92) when changing to such a service there is up to 30 seconds video and audio stuttering new        
#0092 Bug FreeX-TV card problems 09.02.2004 Gerti The FreeX-TV CI with software version 0.78 still has some problems, often the card has to be removed from the CI and re-inserted to start the decryption new        
#0093 Bug More HDD acces in TimeShift? 09.02.2004 Gerti It seems that with the firmware from February 3rd there are much more HDD movements in timeshift than previously new        
#0094 Bug ""Service encrypted or not running"" on encrypted services 09.02.2004 parpar With the firmware from February 3rd on nearly every change between encrypted services the message ""service encrypted or not running"" appears immediately, even though the decryption starts nearly at once, and suddenly while watching the service the message appears again, even though there is no other picture dropout visible. closed Yes Yes    
#0095 Bug Part of recording missing 09.02.2004 sjgg65 One user reports that some part of his recording from an FTA service is missing, even though start and end are recorded. The missing part is about midnight new        
#0096 Bug Change of PIP pictures 09.02.2004 IMAX-Freak With the Firmware from February 3rd the change between of the services by using PIP is much longer new        
#0097 Bug Cutting radio recordings 09.02.2004 tknauer When cutting a radio recording to the end of the file, the receiver stops working, only turning it off by RCU works. new        
#0098 Bug Encryption messages on FTA 09.02.2004 Anthea With the Firmware from February 3rd, some encryption messages suddenly appear for a VERY short time while watching FTA services. I didn't have this with the previous version. closed Yes Yes    
#0099 Bug Unstable descrambling 02.03.2004 CPM The descrambling of recordings seems to be very unstable. Many recordings are recorded scrambled. If they are recorded from the tuner not used for watching, they are always scrambled, and even if they are recorded from the active tuner, with no user interference, at some point suddenly the rest of the recording is scrambled. This problem occures with the TF4000PVR, too. For some services/encryptions, the decryption can't be done by copying afterwards (e.g. on Arabsat, Showtime services) new        
#0100 Wish Dual descrambling 02.03.2004 Nasser Would it be possible to unscramble the recording while something else that is scrambled is watched on the other tuner? new        
#0101 Bug Incomplete EPG 02.03.2004 sb For the services on viasat in Scandinavia and many services on Hotbird, as well as Canaaldigitaal on Astra, only the current event/next event information is displayed, no further EPG information is available. That is for all Topfield models. new        
#0102 Bug wrong age information 02.03.2004 Rosenbusch In the EPG, often an age information is shown even if the service doesn't broadcast one, or a wrong age information is shown (mostly 0 instead of 16 or 18) new        
#0103 Wish Manual recording and delayed recordigns 02.03.2004 Taiga If a manual recording is started and this will block a delayed recording, would it be possible to show a warning? new        
#0104 Bug Starting playback destroys recording 02.03.2004 Harvey Sometimes when a delayed recording is running, and another file is started for playback, the recorded data for the new file stops at the moment the playback was started, even though the receiver behaves as if the recording was successful (rECo stays in the display and vanishes when the recording time is finished). new        
#0105 Bug automatic bookmarks 16.02.2004 parpar In some occasions, the receiver sets bookmarks in a file that is currently recorded, and does that on positions where nothing is yet recorded, so the bookmark can't be even deleted manualy. new        
#0106 Wish Control for Pin8 27.02.2004 roger Several TV sets respond to a active signal on PIN8 of the SCART connector by switching themselves on. So if a delayed recording starts in the night, suddenly the TV set starts making noise. Would it be possible to implement some control for this Pin (e.g. an option do deactivate it for delayed recordings, and switch it on when any key is pressed)? This is for the TF4000PVR as well. new        
#0107 Wish Sort delayed recordings 01.03.2005 odvdveer Would it be possible to optionally sort the delayed recordings either by date or by service? new        
#0108 Bug Audio asynchronous 02.03.2004 Anthea Sometimes for playback, the audio and video are asynchronous. When switching the receiver off and on again by RCU, this problem can be solved. But when it is there, every playback is asynchronous, and every live picture is synchronous. new